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Haunted Networking

HauntedNetworking is a theme-based social networking site where people can share their paranormal experiences and related photographs and videos. They can also share pictures of haunted and scary places across the world.

This site is for people who are not scared of "the unknown" and who enjoy reading about other people's experiences with the paranormal.

There are various reasons as to why would people want to use this site.

Some of the reasons are as follows:

1)   Those who enjoy tapping into the unknown can get to know about spooky places around the world and plan a trip.

2)  People who want to make documentaries can use this site to get ideas.

3)  This site also gives opportunities, to those who have been traumatized, to share their experiences and get relevant help.

You will no longer have to search the web to get stories that interest you the most. You will find all that you need in one place i.e. this site.


The language used to develop this site is ASP.Net.

The application used to store data is Microsoft Access.

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